Seattle Needs an Updated Tree Ordinance!

Rapidly changing Seattle is losing critical tree canopy volume. Planting and preserving trees has been touted as one of the single most effective means of climate change mitigation. Yet, developers are scraping lots and unscrupulous tree services are cutting down trees illegally. Seattle needs an updated tree ordinance and needs to enforce it. You can help!

The Mayor, City Council and Urban Forestry Commission need to hear from you!

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We are urging the City of Seattle
  • to adopt the Urban Forestry Commission’s draft Tree Protection Ordinance
  • to increase protection for large mature trees in Seattle
  • to move implementation and enforcement of tree protection to the Office of Sustainability and Environment
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Your letter will be sent to the Mayor, City Council and Urban Forestry Commission (complete list), and will be added to the public comments on the UFC Draft Tree Protection OrdinanceFeel free to add your own comments to the default letter!

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Enter your return address then click “Start Writing” to load the default letter.

2022 Campaigns to Preserve Seattle's Tree Canopy

We've got a new mayor, new council and new letters to send. Use our tools to contact your representatives.

Trees + Housing = Healthy Communities

DontClearcutSeattle, along with TreePAC, support sustainable, nature-based urban development.

We support planning that increases housing density while maintaining a vibrant urban forest.

Trees in cities contribute significantly to human health and environmental quality. Urban trees filter air pollutants, counteract the urban heat island effect, reduce building energy use and filter stormwater. They also increase mental and physical well-being and foster feelings of relaxation and calm.

Housing density contributes to human health and environmental quality too. It allows us to live within a reduced environmental footprint and is more inclusive of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

The benefits of our urban trees are not realized by all Seattleites – injustice has resulted in sparse tree coverage in neighborhoods with fewer resources, while wealthier neighborhoods have a larger urban canopy. TreePAC is working toward restoring our urban forest in neighborhoods where it has been lost, as well as protecting our existing forest for future generations.

Along with the numerous tangible benefits trees bring by creating a more livable, sustainable, and climate-resilient Seattle, we believe trees connect people to the natural world and bring joy



The Power of Trees - Produced by the Nature Conservancy

This video was made by the Nature Conservancy in partnership with the University of WashingtonUniversity of British Columbia and the Duwamish Tribe.

Time for a New Relationship?

Douglas Tallamy, entomologist and ecologist, author of Bringing Nature Home, and founder of Home Grown National Park discusses the relationship between people and the natural world.

Trees - Essential Urban Allies

Brady Lawrence and Martha Baskin interview Kathy Wolf, a well known research social scientist in the UW’s School of Environmental and Forest Sciences.

The Tulip Tree

This 90 yo Tulip was removed to make way for 5 town houses, despite  alternative new development layouts that show how 5 dwellings could have been built on the lot while retaining the tree.

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