Send a Message to Washington State Senators

to Protect Urban and Community Forests

ES2HB 1181 has been passed by the House. Special thanks for House members who voted to pass this legislation.  This critical bill would add a climate resiliency element that cities and counties need to consider when they update their Comprehensive Plans under the state’s Growth Management Act for 2025. The house amended the bill  to include urban and community forests as components of climate resiliency. This will assist cities and counties to tap into the 1.5 billion dollars that the US government, via the Forest Service, has budgeted for urban and community forestry as well as funds from the WA State Dept of Natural Resources. 

We urge the Senate to pass ES2HB 1181 and to add the following two amendments to further strengthen the bill:

Page 6, line 2:  Insert new sentence  The land use element must evaluate urban and community forest canopy and its role in climate resilience, reducing heat island impacts, providing health benefits, and ecosystem services

Page 17, line 21:  Insert the underlined phrases in last sentence: Identify, protect and enhance urban and community forests and natural areas to foster resiliency to climate impacts , as well as areas of vital habitat for “plant and animal diversity,” safe passage and species migration.

Just fill in the contact information to let them know who you are and click on the link to start writing. Add your own comments to personalize the letter and click SEND. Note: this letter will be sent to all of the WA state representatives urging that they amend and pass this legislation.

Thanks for your help!