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Seattle City Urban Forester

Seattle Needs a City Urban Forester

Seattle has long needed the support of a City Urban Forester to oversee the City’s management of our urban tree canopy, which is currently managed in 9 different departments without central coordination or oversight.

Right now we have an opportunity to get this position funded as part of the current budget process.

Councilmember Alex Pedersen is introducing an amendment to the Seattle City Budget to add a City Urban Forester position to the Office of Sustainability and Environment (OSE). This is a big step forward! CM Lisa Herbold has signed on as a Co-Sponsor. A third council member is needed as a co-sponsor; additionally the budget process will require 5 votes to put this amendment in the budget.

Please ask the Council to support and co-sponsor the City Forester Amendment by sending an email below. Thanks for your support! 

TreePAC Summer 2022 Newletter

TreePAC August 2022

From Kevin Orme: “Hello and hope you are staying safe. Summer’s here – and with a few heat spells that definitely have gone over typical Seattle weather so far. As you enjoy the sunshine, stay cool and remember to stop to enjoy our urban tree canopy either at home or throughout the city, and advocate for its continued protection and growth”

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Don’t Clear-cut Seattle Yardsign Campaign

New Design for Don't Clear-cut Seattle Yardsigns

We’ve redesigned our yard-signs! Our goal is to communicate the role that trees play in creating a healthy community as well as a healthy ecosystem.

Please contact info@dontclearcutseattle.org to arrange a yard-sign pickup or delivery. We currently have pickup locations in the Northgate area, Greenwood, Magnolia, Greenlake, Ravenna, Wedgewood and South Seattle. We hope to have more pickup locations arranged soon to increase coverage in other parts of Seattle.

save our trees yard-sign

Seattle voters overwhelmingly favor policies to protect and expand the city’s tree canopy

Cascade Advocate, Northwest Progressive Institute / Sep 15, 2021

From July 12th, 2021, through July 17th, 2021, our pollster Change Research asked Seattleites about a range of sensible ideas for creating tree-friendly policy tools. 617 likely August 2021 voters participated, all online.

Every single idea we tested received not just a favorable response, but an overwhelmingly favorable response.

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The Power of Trees

The Power of Trees

produced by the Nature Conservancy

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This video was made by the Nature Conservancy in partnership with the University of Washington, University of British Columbia and the Duwamish Tribe.

“New research shows that trees communicate with one another and share nutrients through their roots! They need each other. In urban areas, trees also help us with health, economic and social benefits. They are part of our culture. We need them. So, how can we return the favor?”

Second set of Seattle tree protection poll findings affirms voters value urban forests

Cascade Advocate, Northwest Progressive Institute /Dec 20, 2021

“Back in September, our team at the Northwest Progressive Institute joined forces with TreePAC to unveil polling showing that voters across the ideological spectrum are in enthusiastic agreement that Seattle should be doing more to protect its tree canopy and favor a number of ideas for updating Seattle’s tree ordinance.

Today, we’re delighted to be able to share an additional set of findings that affirms voters’ strong and deep enthusiasm for keeping the Emerald City emerald.”

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Trees - Essential Urban Allies

Trees – Essential Urban Allies

Trees - Essential Urban Allies

by Brady Lawrence and Martha Baskin / November 12, 2020

Brady Lawrence and Martha Baskin interview Kathy Wolf, a well known research social scientist in the UW’s School of Environmental and Forest Sciences.

In the face of rapid development will the Emerald City recognize the environmental, public health and quality of life services trees provide before it’s too late? Advocates like Wolf, hope they will.