Send a Message to Washington State Legislators

to Protect Urban and Community Forests

E2SHB 1099 is in the Senate Housing and Land Use Committee . The bill would add a climate resiliency element that cities and counties need to consider when they update their Comprehensive Plans under the state’s Growth Management Act. They are considering amendments to the bill in Executive Session on Thursday, Feb. 17th,  before it is voted on in Committee.

Here are the proposed amendments.

In Sec. 4 (1) – Page 7 line 14 – Add underlined words – “A land use element designating the proposed general distribution and general location and extent of the uses of land, where appropriate, for agriculture, timber production, housing, commerce, industry, recreation, open spaces, general aviation, airports, public utilities, public facilities, urban and community forests, and other land uses.”

In Sec. 4 (1) – Page7 line 22 – Insert following sentence – “The land use element must evaluate urban and community forestry canopy cover and its preservation and enhancement to mitigate heat impacts and associated health impacts on humans and the natural environment,”

In Sec. 4 (9) (b )(i) (A) – Page 17 line 30 – Add following words (bolded only to designate they are new words to add to current new sentence in bill) to the following – “Identify, protect, and enhance urban and community forests and other natural areas to foster resiliency to climate impacts, as well as areas of vital habitat for plant and animal diversity, safe passage and species migration; and

Just fill in the contact information to let them know who you are and click on the link to start writing. Add your own comments to personalize the letter and click SEND. Note: this letter will be sent to all of the WA state senators urging that they pass this legislation.

Thanks for your help!