Pass E2SHB 1216 - Support Washington's Urban Forests.

** Update 5/10/2021 ** E2SHB 1216 has passed both houses and has been signed into law by Governor Inslee. Thank you to the hundreds of people that sent letters to legislators as well as signed into committee hearing!

E2SHB 1216 (Engrossed 2nd Substitute  HB 1216) – regarding urban and community forestry has been voted out of the Senate Ways and Means Committee and sent to Senate Rules.

E2SHB 1216 would direct the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to assist Washington cities and towns and counties in our state with tree inventories and canopy analysis, the development of Urban Forestry Management Plans and drafting local Tree Ordinances.

This bill was requested by the Department of Natural Resources and is supported By Governor Jay Inslee. Governor Inslee has earmarked $2.7 million dollars in his proposed State Budget to support DNR’s efforts to increase protection for trees and urban forests. E2SHB 1216 would help the state meet its goals of increasing climate resilience, protecting human health and addressing environmental equity.

We have prepared a pre-written letter that you can quickly send to Senate members to urge that they pass E2SHB 1216. Just fill in the contact information to let them know who you are and click on the link to start writing. Add your own comments to personalize the letter and click SEND.

Thanks for your help!