Help Protect a Maple Leaf Mother Grove!

Enjoy this beautiful video of the two groves at 1211 NE 104th. The second grove shown is the one to be eliminated, but we can save it!

Please join us in asking City officials to preserve two native groves at 1211 NE 104th St! These native conifers are an important part of a Maple Leaf Mother Grove.

The Maple Leaf Mother Groves are 22 “super-groves” which span entire city blocks in the Maple Leaf neighborhood. The City defines “groves” as eight or more large (12 inch dbh or larger) trees whose canopies touch. In contrast, Mother Groves span most of the properties on their blocks, and function as intact native PNW ecosystems. Because trees in groves cool each other and share defense from disease through their root network, we can count on them to be the most resilient part of our entire urban forest! They are also reservoirs of biodiversity for iconic native species which rely on forests to survive, rather than single trees along streets or in front yards.

Groves decline when individual trees are removed, breaking up the grove and exposing formerly sheltered trees to unexpected heat and wind. At 1211 NE 104th St, a developer has applied to remove seven of the cedars in one of the property’s two groves, leaving just six trees. Both groves are also at high risk of damage during construction, as rigid protective fencing is not required, so vinyl netting is the only thing standing between the tree roots and excavators.

We can build homes around groves, which typically cluster on the lots’ periphery. At 1211 NE 104th St., an architect has confirmed that all the new homes can be built while retaining both groves, which are conveniently located on the sides of the lot. We are asking City officials to require that the buildings’ placement be adjusted to accommodate the groves, that a correct tree report be done, and that rigid fencing protects the trees during construction.Accordion Content

Resilient forests punch above their weight in urban cooling, cleaning the air, filtering stormwater for salmon and orcas, and helping humans be healthier mentally and physically. With thoughtful planning, we can build homes and preserve this and all the Maple Leaf Mother Groves, a win-win for people and nature!

Please ask SDCI and city leaders to save these trees by sending an email below.