Require Registration of Seattle Tree Service Providers Passed!

** Update ** The City Council unanimously passed Bill 120207 on March 29th and Mayor Harrell signed it into law a few weeks later. It will go into effect on November 10th. Thank you for all your help including the hundreds of letter sent to Seattle city officials!

Last Wednesday, the Seattle Land Use Committee passed a key component in our effort to update Seattle’s Tree Protection Ordinance.  All 5 committee members voted to forward Council bill 120207 – An ordinance relating to land use and urban forestry adding a tree service provider registration procedure and requirement” to the full City Council for a vote on Tuesday, March 29. 

This ordinance update is needed to help stop illegal tree removal in the city and to ensure that Tree Care Providers are knowledgeable of the existing tree code and regulations. If operating out of compliance, they will face fines for violations and after 2 violations are prohibited from working in the city for a year. The companies must be registered also as contractors with the state, carry adequate insurance and have workers compensation for their employees in case they are injured on the job.

Scroll down to send an email urging the Seattle City Council and Mayor to pass bill 120207.

The Seattle Department of Transportation has required such registration for nine years for contractors working on street trees.  Spokane Washington also requires registration for all Tree Service Providers working on public trees.  

Eight states require similar registration of Tree Service Providers doing work on both public and private property – California, Connecticut, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Seattle needs to follow suit.

We need your help to ensure this bill passes the full City Council on Tuesday and is signed by Mayor Bruce Harrell. Please send the e-mail letter linked below with any added personal comments and stories of why this legislation is needed to the City Council and Mayor. Thanks for your help. 

You can also help by calling Council members offices and urging they pass this much needed legislation. You can see their contact information here.