Help End the Delay: Urge the City to Act Now to Protect Seattle's Trees

In 2017, Mayor Burgess issued Executive Order 2017-11 directing SDCI, in consultation with other City Departments and the Urban Forestry Commission

to update the SDCI Director’s Rule regarding Exceptional Trees to include additional tree protection…

In July 2020, the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) released a  draft Tree Protection Director’s Rule 13-2020, which would  significantly increase protection for trees in Seattle.

12 months later, the updated Rule has still not been adopted and now the city wants to scale it back.

Please help us get this Director’s Rule, with the amendments recommended by the Urban Forestry Commission, adopted now. The public has been urging for more effective tree protection for 12 years now. No more delays!

We have prepared a pre-written letter, based on the adopted (August 2020)  recommendations of the Seattle Urban Forestry Commission that you can quickly send to the city.

Just fill out the contact information to let the city know who you are, and click on the start writing link. Add your own comments to personalize the letter and click SEND. Thank you for your help!