Medowbrook's True-love trees

The True-love Trees

True Love Trees

by Bruce Dear

Meadowbrook’s iconic True-Love trees are at risk! This remarkable cedar-fir couple have been growing as one for almost 100 years along Thornton Creek in north Seattle. Recently a developer has applied to Seattle’s Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) to cut them down, in order to build new homes. Yet, a respected local architect has drawn up plans which show how the same amount of housing can be built around these amazing trees and their nearby grove.

Housing shortage: Build, but also retain trees

Seattle Times letter to the editor by Sandy Shettler / Aug 10, 2022

Re: “More regulations on housing push us further from the goal of meeting demand” [Aug. 7, Opinion]:

This Op-Ed perpetuates the false narrative that we can only house new neighbors by cutting down Seattle’s trees. We can and should grow our housing stock and our urban forest at the same time.

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TreePAC Summer 2022 Newletter

TreePAC August 2022

From Kevin Orme: “Hello and hope you are staying safe. Summer’s here – and with a few heat spells that definitely have gone over typical Seattle weather so far. As you enjoy the sunshine, stay cool and remember to stop to enjoy our urban tree canopy either at home or throughout the city, and advocate for its continued protection and growth”

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save our trees yard-sign

Don’t Clear-cut Seattle Yardsign Campaign

New Design for Don't Clear-cut Seattle Yardsigns

We’ve redesigned our yard-signs! Our goal is to communicate the role that trees play in creating a healthy community as well as a healthy ecosystem.

Please contact to arrange a yard-sign pickup or delivery. We currently have pickup locations in the Northgate area, Greenwood, Magnolia, Greenlake, Ravenna, Wedgewood and South Seattle. We hope to have more pickup locations arranged soon to increase coverage in other parts of Seattle.

save our trees yard-sign

Seattle voters overwhelmingly favor policies to protect and expand the city’s tree canopy

Cascade Advocate, Northwest Progressive Institute / Sep 15, 2021

From July 12th, 2021, through July 17th, 2021, our pollster Change Research asked Seattleites about a range of sensible ideas for creating tree-friendly policy tools. 617 likely August 2021 voters participated, all online.

Every single idea we tested received not just a favorable response, but an overwhelmingly favorable response.

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